Gas Week 2014 Natural Gas and Smart Energy Grids 02:27

The Smart Gas Grid Joint Task Force of Marcogaz, GERG and Eurogas created an animated video describing the advantages of creating a Smart Energy Grid :

People want secure, affordable and clean energy. That's why millions of consumers across Europe are changing their way of thinking on sourcing their energy. They now control and even produce energy in ways that were even unthinkable only 20 years ago. But much more can be done. For people and businesses to get even smarter about energy, we need a smart energy system.


So let's take a look at how this could work. Over the past years new sources such as solar and wind power have been introduced into the electricity network. Electricity provision requires instant balancing of supply and demand. Add renewable sources that are variable and cannot be stored and this balancing act becomes even more complex. Precious renewable power risks being wasted. Blackouts and soaring costs could threaten the system. A stabilising element is therefore needed to make that system sound and complete.


The gas grid provides that completion. With its huge capacity for storage it unlocks the full potential of renewable energy. It can even store and transport excess wind and solar power converted into renewable gas. Gas also comes from a range of sources: via pipelines and on ships as liquid natural gas. Traditional suppliers have been joined by local producers of biogas from waste.This diverse portfolio ensures that our suppliers of energy for electricity, heat and even mobility are reliable, flexible and secure.


But how do we link the consumer to all of this? With devices already in our hands and homes, distance between producers, users and appliances become shorter and feedback quicker, moving us one step closer to an integrated energy system that responds to our needs and those of future generations.This synergy makes a smart system.


Gas is a ready partner to achieve the full potential of a sustainable future and empowers consumers to get us there.