MARCOGAZ General Assembly Workshop on 4 June 2014 in Prague


MARCOGAZ organised a Workshop on new developments following its General Assembly on 4th June 2014 in Prague


Presented materials can be found below:


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Czech Gas Industry and Czech Gas Association in 2014
Ing. Jan Ruml, Executive Director /CGA (CZ)

MS Powerpoint document   (852KB)
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Power to Gas - state of the art and perspectives
Frank Graf/DVGW (DE)

MS Powerpoint document   (1.06MB)
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LNG fuelling in Europe - a growing opportunity for gas industry
Vaclav Chrz/Chart Ferox (CZ)

MS Powerpoint document   (4.8MB)
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Heat and Power Supply for Residential Applications - Fuel cells in Switzerland
Martin Seifert/SVGW (CH) and Volker Nerlich/Hexis (CH)

MS Powerpoint document   (16.8MB)
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EU climate and Energy Policy: room for gas?
Beate Raabe, Secretary General / Eurogas (BE)

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New developments in gas infrastructure
Thierry Deschuyteneer, Executive Secretary /GIE (BE)

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GERG Activity Report
David Salisbury, President /GERG (UK)

MS Powerpoint document   (588KB)
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Information about IGU activities
Khadija Al Siyabi, Advisor /IGU Secretariat (NO)

MS Powerpoint document   (2.6MB)

Synthesis of the workshop, Questions and Answers


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