Gas Industry Micro CHP Workshop 2008 - 29 & 30 May in Paris
Paris - view from Tour Montparnasse


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microCHP Workshop draft programme
(version 15 - 19-05-2008)

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Session 1:
The Scene
Moderated by M. Florette(Gaz de France)
arrow   The advantages of the mCHP as high efficient gas solution for the residential market
M. Florette (Gaz de France)
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arrow   Natural Gas in the German Residential & Commercial Market.
Why are mCHP not only beneficial to the environment but also a chance to keep the gas in the house

S. Ramesohl (E.on Ruhrgas)
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arrow   EU Energy Policy regarding micro CHP.
Research programmes

G. de Wilt (EU Commission DG TREN)
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Session 2:
mCHP state of the art
Moderated by S. Ramesohl (E.on Ruhrgas)
arrow   μCHP-Technology: State of the Art
(stirling engines, reciprocating engines, fuel cells….). The presentation included aspects relating to technological development and expectations, performances, maintenance of mCHP compared to boilers …)

T. Formanski (ASUE)
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    Manufacturers from different origins presenting their products (technology, benefits, installation, ease of use, servicing, costs, marketing) :
arrow   A Danish demonstration project on fuel cell based micro CHP : A close corporation between 9 Danish companies
P. Balslev (Danfoss)
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arrow   "What do you do, when you are ahead of the rest?"
M. Colijn (Whispergen)
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arrow   A wall mountable integrated fuel cell microCHP: power, heating and hot water from a single unit
B. Flint (Ceres)
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arrow   BAXI mCHP solutions :
Heating & Electricity today and tomorrow

G. Gummert (Baxi)
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arrow   The Remeha mCHP based on a combi boiler with stirling engine
P. Gelderloos (De Dietrich Remeha Group)
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arrow   Commercialising Fuel Cell mCHP Systems
B. Bilton (Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited)
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arrow   Combined Heat and Power – Stirling Technology
G. Mitchell (BOSCH)
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Session 3:
mCHP state of the art
Moderated by J. Schweitzer (DGC)

What is the current activity in the Gas Industry regarding the introduction of mCHP?

Having a clear picture of the present situation will help to set up the frame for collaborations and achieve some synergies.

Activities include:
 R&D
 Lab test
 Field test
 Market appliances & evaluation
 Certification & standardization
 Marketing actions

J. Schweitzer (DGC)

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arrow   The Japanese experience in micro CHP for residential use
K. Nishizaki (Tokyo Gas Co.)
MS Powerpoint document   (3.333 KB)
arrow   The Netherlands - MicroCHP, what can be expected in terms of energy savings?
H. Sijbring (GasTerra)
MS Powerpoint document   (30.974KB)
arrow   UK mCHP industry activity
M. Orrill (British Gas)
MS Powerpoint document   (148KB)
arrow   Germany - Gas Industry Activity
M. Wilmsmann (E.on Ruhrgas)
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arrow   Gaz de France activities - Stirling and Fuel Cell mCHP Technologies
D. Le Noc (Gaz de France)
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arrow   Denmark - Gas Industry Activity
J. de Wit (DGC)
MS Powerpoint document   (9.645KB)
arrow   mCHP in North America

S. Bernstein (National Grid)
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Session 4:
Conditions for success
Moderated by H. Ensing (GasTerra)

The development of mCHP is also linked to the technical environment of the product: what will be the requirements on the installation & installers (would traditional gas installers do the job?), would units available cover heat , hot water and power for houses or will there be a need for backup/additional traditional gas appliances as well? Connection to the grid, costs, etc…
What about the certification of the products, under which directives are those products CE certified?

arrow   Safety and quality requirements for mCHP products
MS Powerpoint document   (1.385KB)
arrow   Commercial and marketing aspects micro-CHP. How do we convince the users to invest in a mCHP? (film)
H. Ensing (GasTerra)
MS Powerpoint document   (11.119KB)
arrow   Interactive website presenting technologies and products
T. Formanski (ASUE)
arrow   Integration of micro CHP units (Project EU DEEP) Connecting mCHP to the grid. Challenges? Advantages? Costs?
J. Deuse (Tractebel)
MS Powerpoint document   (1.871KB)
arrow   Subsidising mCHP. What is the situation? Impact of different models.
A. H. Pedersen (DONG)
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Session 5:
Round table (synthesis of the Conference)
Moderated by D. Hec (Marcogaz)

Round table: conclusions

  • What shall we do now?
  • From what has been presented: is there a basis for an European collaboration?
  • What common action?
  • How to organize and co-ordinate the work?
  • Role of EU?
  • International co-operation?
  • Conclusion

    Participants: D. Hec, S. Ramesohl, F. Riddoch, I. Manders, D. Pinchbeck, H. Sijbring, S. Bernstein

    Presented by D.Hec (Marcogaz)
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arrow   Micro-CHP
Organising the Future: The U.K. example

I. Manders (CHPA)
MS Powerpoint document   (480KB)
arrow   The European situation
F. Riddoch (COGEN Europe)
MS Powerpoint document   (1.070KB)
arrow   Final comments
M. Florette (Gaz de France)


Presented & Organised by
Marcogaz - Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry
IGU - International Gas Union
GERG - European Gas Research Group
With the Support of
ASUE - The Association for the Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Use of Energy
Gaz de France

Micro cogeneration (mCHP) is an important technology for the Gas Industry as it is seen as one of the main applications for natural gas to remain in the house of tomorrow when traditional boilers are becoming obsolete or too expensive in comparison with other appliances. Especially in the new building sector, the heat demand will become very low due to energy savings regulations, asking for high insulation and system efficiency.

The goal of the workshop is to gather the main actors from the Gas Industry, Manufacturers and European Authorities in order to define a Gas Industry strategy to facilitate the development and integration of mCHP technology. This strategy will also consider non technical aspects.
The purpose of the mCHP workshop is:

  1. To dress the picture / To summarize the state of the art of the technology today world wide and make a synthesis of the different on-going projects;
  2. From (1), to identify which actions are needed to facilitate the introduction of the technology on the market;
  3. To organize the collaboration needed within the Gas Industry and with the manufacturers & Authorities;
  4. To convince all stakeholders that the technology is available and shall be taken into account and may need support (e.g. the Japanese model).

In parallel with technical sessions a small exhibition will be organized with manufacturers willing to present their products.

Workshop location

Gaz de France Research Division
361 Avenue du Président Wilson

For further information, please contact
Marcogaz - Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry

MARCOGAZ - Daniel Hec
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