MARCOGAZ membership is open to European Countries (EU, EFTA, accessing Countries and others).


The General Assembly of MARCOGAZ consists on national delegations representing the various Gas Industry Companies/Associations and bodies sharing in the membership.


The Executive Board, meeting normally 3 times a year, defines, adopts and controls strategies. It gives guidance to the three Standing Committees:

Gas Utilisation -  Gas Infrastructure - Sustainability


Industry executives and high level experts are members of the three Standing Committees, in charge of their respective fields of activity.


Working groups are set up for an undermined period to deal with specific subjects. Task Forces are created when required to deal with unique and specific task within a well determined period of time. 


The General Secretariat is a small team comprising the Secretary General, the Senior Technical Advisor and the Administrative Assistant. It represents MARCOGAZ with all relevant external official and industry partners and servicing the activities of MARCOGAZ internal bodies.