Our Activities

Gas utilisation

Gas appliances for domestic and commercial use, industrial processes, gas installations inside buildings, industrial gas installations, new technologies.


The Standing Committee Gas Utilisation (SCGU) is supervising the working groups and task forces dealing with these topics.


Natural gas transmission, distribution, storage and LNG systems, associated plants and related equipment's. Gas infrastructure also means integration of new renewable gases in smart gas networks.


The Standing Committee Gas Infrastructure (SCGI) has the responsibility to manage the groups and task forces which are active with these topics.


Collection of industry data and considered views relating to environmental and health and safety studies and policy proposals by the European Authorities and other international bodies, which may affect installations and operations of gas supply and utilisation.


The Standing Committee Sustainability (SCS) coordinates the work the working groups and task forces in relation with sustainability, with a strong focus on environmental and safety issues.

Scope of work

Each Working Group and each Standing Committee has set up its own scope of work describing what is covered and how they proceed. It aims at avoiding gaps and overlaps internally as well as with the other associations dealing with gas.