Biomethane Acceptance in Underground Storage Facilities

MARCOGAZ has recently prepared a report on the acceptance of biomethane in the underground storage facilities (UGS) with a particular focus on aquifers.

In the report, the conclusions drawn highlight the significance of oxygen existence in the biomethane due the gas treatment process of biogas. The increasing amount of biomethane injection into the storage facilities, alongside the accelerating energy transition and decarbonisation of the gas industry, may require handling of oxygen ingresses due to sensitivity of storage facilities, particularly aquifers. The report stresses that permissible oxygen content is dependent on the specific facility and must be assessed case by case. Furthermore, the technical methods to be removed from biomethane is also explored.

The energy transition continues to accelerate the decarbonisation efforts of the gas industry, including the role of the underground storage facilities and their potential to accommodate larger volumes of renewable gases.

Our vision is to launch and exchange stakeholder dialogue on the technical aspects of renewable gases injection in the underground storage facilities, and to further share technical insights related to the abovementioned report.

MARCOGAZ is therefore pleased to host its second Tech Forum on the topic of “Biomethane Acceptance in Underground Storage Facilities”. The webinar will be a good opportunity to bring together a group of experts in the field of biomethane generation, development and storage.

Join our panel of experts on Tuesday, 19 April 2022 from 11:00 am to 12:20 pm for a timely and insightful discussion on biomethane production, development and acceptance in the gas grid.



Time Slot Subject Speaker
11h00 – 11h05 Welcome and Introduction Thea LARSEN, MARCOGAZ President
11h05 – 11h20 Development of Biomethane in Europe Harmen DEKKER, CEO of European Biogas Association (EBA)
11h20 – 11h35 Comprehensive presentation on the recent reports of MARCOGAZ on “Biomethane acceptance in underground storage facilities” Hélène GIOUSE, MARCOGAZ Working Group on Underground Gas Storage Chair and Convenor of the Working Group 4 at
11h35 – 11h50 Results of research program about biomethane in the gas grid Timothy Frank ILLSON, Principal Specialist at DNV
11h50 – 12h05 Case Study: Biomethane in Denmark Anette MÜNTHER HANSEN, Project Manager at Danish Gas Technology Center
12h05 – 12h15 Q&A session Anne-Sophie DECAUX, MARCOGAZ Gas Infrastructure Standing Committee Chair and GRT GAZ Technical Director
12h15 – 12h20 Closing remarks: The importance of greening the gas in the grid and the role of storage systems for security of energy supply Manuel COXE, MARCOGAZ Secretary General

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Biomethane Acceptance in Underground Storage Facilities