FLAME: Securing Europe’s Energy Supply

Flame is one of the most high-profile events in the energy sector. This year it will focus on affordability, security and energy transition.

How are government bodies responding to unprecedented challenges of reduced gas flows? The need to curtail excessive price hikes and implement new policies as Europe accelerates towards decarbonisation presents a host of difficulties and opportunities. Is enough being done to ensure that energy transition mandates for 2030 and 2050 are met? How quickly can Europe cut its reliance on Russian gas and secure alternative long term energy supplies?

Following the influx of LNG as a substitute for Russian gas over winter, assess the impact this has had on Europe’s net zero goals and contractual pressures for LNG delivery. Does LNG have a long term trajectory in the low carbon energy mix? As more terminals (including FSRUs and FLNGs) are built for LNG supply; evaluate the financing for projects and long term security on LNG investments. In the short term, find out who Europe will need to outbid for LNG as trading patterns, supply and demand shift globally.

Time is running short to meet energy transition goals. What is needed in Europe’s infrastructure and does it need to be rebuilt? Delve into essential net zero strategies for storage, new pipelines, CCS and the grid in order to make assets ready for low carbon gases. Address the possibilities of repurposing LNG terminals for green hydrogen. Discuss how to scale up hydrogen production and overcome regulatory hurdles to ensure investors are able to finance low carbon infrastructure projects.

Diversification of supply is high on the European agenda as the extraordinary situation in the gas market has impacted pricing, supply and energy security. Find out which new energy alliances are forming across the evolving energy landscape with new supply chains in bio-LNG, bio-methane, bio-gas, LPG and different colours of hydrogen.

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FLAME: Securing Europe’s Energy Supply