Global Energy Transition Congress & Exhibition

Over a span of three days, the GET Congress and Exhibition will assemble international energy ministers at the forefront of the energy transition, along with CEOs representing the entire energy value chain, end users, and innovators. Together, they will devise practical and scalable solutions and services to expedite the energy transition.

The strategic conference encompasses various elements such as the opening ceremony, keynote addresses, fire-side chats, ministerial and CEO-led panels, and global business leader sessions. Speakers will span the energy value chain, hard-to-abate sectors, finance, and entrepreneurial domains. These influential thought leaders, decision-makers, and innovators will delve into concrete and practical solutions aimed at accelerating the energy transition.

Leadership roundtables will convene policymakers, business leaders, NGOs, and thought leaders from the energy and manufacturing value chain. Engaging in round-table discussions under the Chatham House rule, participants will explore strategies for expediting the energy transition across countries and industries, fostering candid, honest, and practical exchanges.

The Project X-change theatre will showcase multi-stakeholder projects, highlighting the world’s leading decarbonization initiatives. These presentations, chosen through a call for projects, are designed to inspire replication and scaling.

Spotlight sessions will outline practical roadmaps for a new, sustainable energy system. They will scrutinize potential challenges to success and equip industry decision-makers and practitioners with the tools needed to navigate the process efficiently and effectively. Additionally, these sessions will emphasize the engineering, science, and technology required to bring about impactful changes at scale and pace.

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Global Energy Transition Congress & Exhibition