MARCOGAZ’s listing of relevant standards for the mid and downstream of the gas industry

29 July 2021 | News

In the gas sector in particular, standards reflect the state of the art in terms of safe and sustainable operational gas supply activities.

MARCOGAZ’s technical experts developed a summary of technical standards applicable to the gas industry’s activities to guide representatives and players in the sector. Given the large number of existing standards, MARCOGAZ selected the most relevant for the gas mid and downstream sectors.

Overall, the benefits of standards for the European industry are extensive. Standards help reducing costs, they represent a key element to anticipate technical requirements and to increase productive and innovative efficiency.

Our list is subject to periodic updates, based on the evolving nature of the standardisation processes and industry needs.

Our selection covers standards related to:

  • Sector integration
  • Methane emissions
  • Liquified natural gas
  • Health and labour safety
  • Gas transmission pipelines
  • Gas storage
  • Gas quality
  • Gas odorisation
  • Gas metering
  • Gas installations
  • Gas distribution

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