Gas Infrastructure

The Standing Committee Gas Infrastructure (SCGI) covers technical assessment of all gas systems and equipment, meaning all types of assets that are operated by the gas industry to deliver gas in safe conditions to customers. In particular, the Committee covers the mid-stream activities (transmission, storage and LNG), downstream activities (distribution) and supports activities that contribute to ensuring a fair billing of the gas (metering) as well as a safe distribution (odorisation).

The SCGI scope encompasses the whole life cycle of the gas installations, from the design and engineering phase, until the decommissioning of the installations after decades of service. This includes the construction, operation and maintenance activities, as well as the replacement of equipment. The SCGI follows and participates in related innovative projects.

The Committee addresses subjects where third party activities could have a potential impact on the network in terms of safety and integrity of the system. The SCGI also works towards ensuring that the gas network carries minimal impact on its neighbourhoods and surroundings.

The SCGI monitors and actively contributes to standardisation activities related to gas infrastructure with the CEN/TC234 – Gas Infrastructure (and its sub-groups) — to guarantee that the European gas network is operated using the latest techniques and practices throughout the gas chain.

The Committee also leads and coordinates technical works to assess the technical acceptance of new gases (hydrogen, biogas, syngas, etc.) in the networks and to support the European Commission’s energy transition ambitions. 

SCGI has the following six Working Groups:


Anne-Sophie Decaux