Who we are

MARCOGAZ is a non-profit international association founded in 1968 and represents the European gas industry on all technical aspects of the gas system’s value chain, focusing mostly on the midstream and downstream’s sectors. Our technical association is registered in Brussels, Belgium, with the number 0877 785 464 of the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises, under the Belgian law of 21 June 1921.

MARCOGAZ represents the interests of national and European gas associations as well as the individual gas companies’ members spread across Europe. Our association has evolved its reputation over more than five decades, working closely with the gas industry, official bodies within the European Union and other influential partners.

Statutes of the Association

Modifications of the Statutes like the change of nomination, official address and list of the Executive Board members can be consulted on the Moniteur Belge.

Transparency Register

Our Vision

MARCOGAZ is the reference association of the gas industry for technical assessment in the midstream and downstream gas systems. We deliver factual insights, used as the basis for establishing trusted regulations, standardisation and legislation in Europe.

We are the trustful and reliable partner for gas technical assignments. We work together with stakeholders and authorities to jointly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the energy sector and ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

With the support of its working groups of technical experts, MARCOGAZ is actively involved in concrete initiatives and programs to ensure the sustainable, safe and efficient development of natural gas and new gases including hydrogen and biomethane and the sector integration in Europe.

Deliverables of MARCOGAZ are based on science and technical expertise from planning and operation gas experts throughout the gas value chain. MARCOGAZ serves as a factual pillar to the European gas industry, allowing for better standardisation and certification at European level. We provide the technical input for the European bodies that seek to align energy policy and legislation accordingly.

As an active EU stakeholder, MARCOGAZ is involved in a wide range of consultations and conferences. As a technical association, we are engaged in monitoring EU energy policy and promoting the best approaches concerning technical regulation, standardisation and certification, while respecting the integrity and safety of gas systems and the rational use of energy.

MARCOGAZ is a distinctive technical association committed to contribute towards a greener and sustainable energy in Europe by expressing its views and opinions based on facts and science.

Our Mission

MARCOGAZ provides gas system technical insights on infrastructure, utilisation and sustainability for natural gas and new gases including hydrogen, biomethane and low-carbon gases as well as the sector integration in Europe.

We monitor and advise on European technical regulation, standardisation and certification concerning sustainability, safety and integrity aspects of gas systems and energy efficiency.

We serve the interest of our members, sharing pertinent technical information to support the development of the gas industry and policy making in Europe.

Our Values

Integrity and Transparency

Knowledge Sharing