Rue Belliard, 40
1040 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 786 30 74

MARCOGAZ is located at the heart of Brussels, at a walking distance to the European Parliament’s buildings and the European Commission’s offices.

How to find our offices

Coming from the airport

By bus

The cheapest route is by taking the Airport Express Bus (Number 12). Get off at the stop “Place du Luxembourg”, a square in front of the European Parliament. Head north on Rue de Trèves (Trierstraat) towards Rue Montoyer (Montoyerstraat). Turn left onto Rue Belliard (Belliardstraat). Rue Belliard 40 will be on the right.

By train

The quickest way to reach us is to take the train from the airport. There are four trains per hour to the centre of Brussels. Get off at Bruxelles-Schuman (Brussel-Schuman) Station and from there it’s a 5-minute walk to our premises.

By Taxi

Cars are not allowed to stop on Rue Belliard. If you take a taxi/Uber, please ask to be dropped off at Rue de la Science 15. From there, walk south on Rue de la Science (Wetenschapsstraat) towards Rue Jacques de Lalaing (Jacques de Lalaingstraat). Turn left onto Rue Belliard (Belliardstraat). You’ll find our office on your left.

By car

Cars are not allowed to stop on Rue Belliard, but you’ll find several parking cars at a walking distance from our offices. BePark (Rue de Trèves/Trierstraat 82) is the closest garage, followed by Interpark Brussels-Parking Industrie (Rue de l’Industrie/ Industriestraat 26-38). Alternatively, you can drop you car at BePark (Avenue des Arts/ Kunstlaan 41).

Coming from train stations

From Brussels Central Station

From the railway station follow the directions to the metro station Gare Centrale (Centraal Station). Take the metro line 1 or 5 in the direction of Hermann-Debroux, Delta or Stockel. Get off at Arts-Loi (Kunst-Wet) station. Take exit 4, marked “Avenue des Arts”. Head south on Avenue des Arts (Kunstlaan) toward Rue Guimard (Guimardstraat). Turn left onto Rue Belliard (Belliardstraat). Rue Belliard 40 will be on the left.

From Brussels South Station

Most trains, e.g. Thalys, Eurostar, stop at Brussels South station (Bruxelles Midi/Brussel Zuid). From here, take the metro line 2 or 6 in the direction of “Simonis (Elisabeth)”. Get off at Trône (Troon) station. Take exit 2, marked “Rue Montoyer”. Head east on Rue Montoyer (Montoyerstraat) towards Rue du Commerce (Handelsstraat). Turn left onto Rue de la Science (Wetenschapsstraat). Turn right onto Rue Belliard (Belliardstraat). Rue Belliard 40 will be on the left.