New Gases

The Standing Committee New Gases (SCH2+) operates transversally and coordinates existing topics with the three other MARCOGAZ Standing Committees (Gas Utilisation, Gas Infrastructure and Sustainability) and focuses on promoting the energy transition through new gases – green, blue and grey hydrogen, biomethane, and syngas.

SCH2+ targets the implementation of the European Hydrogen Strategy presented by the European Commission and it works towards developing technical expertise on gas transmission and distribution systems and related equipment, gas storage, environment and safety and end-use.

The Committee’s work includes the development of technical references to assess the readiness of existing infrastructures to accept hydrogen and other low-carbon gases, the evaluation of retrofitting and repurposing the existing natural gas infrastructure. The Committee also evaluates the right level of mixtures between hydrogen and natural gas, the implication of new gases on safety aspects, legislation and standards behind hydrogen injections and blending.

The SCH2+ fosters collaboration with external initiatives — projects and organisations — to jointly contribute to enhanced knowledge and the development of new gases activities.


Frank Graf