AGN WEBINAR - 09/12/2020

"Portuguese Gas System - NEW HORIZONS"

This event organized by AGN will start at 11h00.

Discover the speakers and the agenda.

The webinar is free but do not forget to register here.

WORKSHOP - 23/11/2020 - Webinar

 "Future for Gas Appliances"

MARCOGAZ will present its report "Gas Appliances - Robust Technologies for a carbon neutral future".

This workshop is prepared to promote discussion among manufactures, engineers, designers, installers, technicians and all those interested in the evolution of gas appliances due to decarbonization policies and the application of the EED.

Discover the agenda.

The workshop is free; however, you need to register via:

EGATEC 2019 - Groningen (NL)

 "Gas in the Future European Energy Mix"

The 4th European Gas Technology Conference 2019 by MARCOGAZ and GERG is taking place in Groningen and is hosted by EnTranceCe. 


6 - 8 November 2019

Groningen (NL)

7th Pipeline Maintenance & Integrity Management Forum for Oil & Gas Industry 2019

The 7th Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management Forum for Oil & Gas Industry 2019 brings together technical and strategic leaders from major O&G Companies, Pipeline Owners/Operators, Gas TSOs and Refineries to brainstorm on major challenges in pipeline integrity and adopting optimal maintenance strategies for smooth operations. The forum will focus on pipeline integrity management, maintenance & inspection processes - Inline Inspection (ILI), crack assessment, use of drones & UAVs, corrosion prevention & mitigation for both onshore & offshore pipelines as well as look at the impact of Hydrogen, biogases into the existing pipeline systems.

MOGC 2019 - 18 & 19/02/2019 - Thessaloniki (GR)

The Midstream Oil and Gas Congress 2019 is dedicated to Oil and Gas Transportation via pipelines including the questions of Pipelines Planning, Construction, Inspection and Quality Assurance.

The event is organized by BGS at the Makedonia Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece.

MARCOGAZ supports the MOGC 2019

18 & 19/02/2019 - Thessaloniki, Greece

50th Anniversary of MARCOGAZ

MARCOGAZ is the technical voice of the European Natural Gas Industry since 50 years.

WORKSHOP - 16 & 17/05/2017 - Zandvoort (NL)

MARCOGAZ organizes a Workshop on "Non piggable pipelines". The event is hosted by GASUNIE at the Palace Hotel in Zandvoort, The Netherlands.

WORKSHOP - 25 & 26/10/2016 - Brussels

MARCOGAZ organizes a Workshop on "Third Parties Interferences" at FLUXYS offices in Brussels.

WORKSHOP - 06/09/2016 - Brussels

MARCOGAZ and CEN organises a Workshop on "Distribution System Balancing" to exchange information and experiences with regard to the possible arrangements for the injection of renewables (e.g. biomethane) from multiple suppliers into gas supply grids and to establish any follow up activities.

WORKSHOP - 09/03/2016 - Brussels

"We have the Technology !"

A joint workshop on "new market-ready gas utilisation technologies for commercial users" is organized by MARCOGAZ, GERG, EUROGAS, DELTA and COGEN Europe.

EGATEC 2015 - Vienna

"Creating the Gas Revolution !"

The 3rd European Gas Technology Conference 2015 by MARCOGAZ and GERG is taking place in Vienna and is hosted by ÖVGW.

WORKSHOP - 27/02/2014 - Brussels

MARCOGAZ and GERG jointly organized a workshop in Brussels on the subject of sensors in the Gas Industry, with a specific focus on gas quality sensing, measurement and control.

EGATEC 2013 - Paris

"Imagine Gas Innovation !"

AFG (Association Française du Gaz) hosts the second edition of the MARCOGAZ technical conference EGATEC 2013 in Paris.

EGATEC 2011 - Copenhagen

"Gas Innovation for a Greener Europe !"

The first edition of EGATEC (European Gas Technology Conference) is the successor of the European Forum Gas (EFG) organised annually since 2003 under the auspices of MARCOGAZ. The edition 2011 is hosted by the Danish Gas Technology Center (DGC) in Copenhagen.