Gas Utilisation

The Standing Committee Gas Utilisation (SCGU) fosters the use of renewable energy through power to gas and use of efficient gas appliances while ensuring that they remain playing a key role in the EU energy sector decarbonisation. The Committee backs decarbonisation efforts and energy transition — through the improvement of energy efficiency of appliances and the reduction of emissions — by promoting adequate gas appliances and analysing the impact of regulations on its developments.

The SCGU provides the EU authorities with technical expertise and views on different regulations that have an impact in the coupling of electricity and gas sectors and on the use of gas, including, the Energy Labelling Directive or the Eco-design Directive, among others.

The SCGU operates as the interface between end-users and the gas industry. Ensuring the quality of the gas is crucial for a good operation of the appliances but it also has a clear influence on the improvement of the interoperability, competition, supply security, etc.

The Committee deals with the coupling of the energy sectors such as heating, cooling and transport industries — as well as with the power producing sector through smart infrastructure, increasing the penetration of renewable energy and thus decarbonising the economy. In particular, SCGU develops synergies with other sectors to support the development and use of hybrid systems.

SCGU has the following four Working Groups: