Transitioning away from boiler emissions (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive- EPBD) Position paper

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), recently adopted by the European Parliament and Council, sets ambitious goals for achieving Zero-Emission Buildings (ZEB) by 2050 and phasing out fossil fuels from the building sector. MARCOGAZ, in support of these objectives, highlights the directive’s recognition of boilers as a technology that can contribute to decarbonization when fueled by renewable energy sources. However, ambiguity surrounds the definition of “fossil fuel boilers” and the timeline for their phase-out. This position paper outlines MARCOGAZ’s proposals for clarifying these definitions and aligning them with the directive’s objectives. Key points include addressing the distinction between boilers as a technology and the fuels they utilize, determining the threshold for identifying a boiler as a “fossil fuel boiler,” and providing guidance to Member States regarding financial incentives and phase-out timelines. By offering these propositions, MARCOGAZ aims to contribute to the development of effective guidance by the Commission and facilitate the transition towards a sustainable building sector.

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