Gas Utilisation > Energy Efficiency

Using energy as efficient as possible is considered essential for all end-use sectors as energy demand
• contributes to more security of supply ;
• allows easier substitution by renewable energy ;
• reduces consumption and energy costs ;
• contributes to lower societal costs ;
• reduces the climatic impact.

Therefore, the European Commission elaborated an adequate regulatory framework for improving energy efficiency in different fields. These regulatory measures are subject to regular review/recast and modifications often impact gas use. Additionally, National rules or regulation impact the positioning of natural or renewable gases in their building or industrial landscape (thermal regulations, for example).

MARCOGAZ is closely following-up any elaboration of new or modified relevant regulatory measures. MARCOGAZ experts are also assessing fair treatment of gas use and elaborating adequate position papers to be addressed to the concerned stakeholders. This positioning is built in relationship with other relevant Associations, to ensure knowledge sharing and concertation on these technical topics.

MARCOGAZ look at natural gas and renewable gases and include relevant existing regulation directly impacting systems and building blocks, as well as their revisions and preparatory studies like the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) study by Trinomics for EC (June 2022 – Feb 2023) or Material Efficiency initiatives and their impact on standards. MARCOGAZ experts also looks at the evolution of the gas system implementation in the different energy sectors for Member States.


Florence Khayat-Herve