MARCOGAZ Joins Forces with European Biogas Association and other partners to Drive Biogas Technology Advancements

10 May 2024 | News

MARCOGAZ is proud to announce its collaboration with a coalition of esteemed universities, research institutes, and associations in a joint effort spearheaded by the European Biogas Association. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards fostering a greener future through advancements in biogas technology, by co-signing the joint statement on “Shared recommendations for the design of future EU research and innovation investments.”

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared commitment to research and development, recognizing their key role in unlocking new potentials in biogases while safeguarding Europe’s strategic autonomy in biogas technologies.

One of the key focal points of this joint statement is the need to channel funding into innovation and demonstration projects within the biogas field. Such investments are crucial for furthering sector development and driving innovation. Among the areas highlighted for attention are:

Feedstock Mobilisation: Exploring novel waste valorisation routes holds the promise of boosting biogas production potential. Utilizing biomass from degraded lands as a sustainable, non-food feedstock is identified as a viable avenue for biogas production. Additionally, the adoption of innovative agricultural practices, exemplified by the Biogas Done Right concept, is poised to enhance farmer trust and knowledge, promoting wider adoption across Europe’s diverse climate zones.

New Technologies: Embracing advancements such as gasification and methanation can diversify biomethane production in Europe, thus amplifying biogas potential. Understanding the intricacies of digestate application, upgrading technologies, and exploring biogenic CO2 storage and use are underscored as critical components for sustainable scale-up.

Efficiency Gains: Advanced feedstock pre-treatment technologies offer the promise of efficiency gains, boosting biogas yields and unlocking new feedstock types. Moreover, optimizing existing digestion assets, including strategies to minimize biogas self-consumption and implementation of real-time monitoring systems, stands to enhance productivity within the sector.

MARCOGAZ invites stakeholders and interested parties to delve deeper into the joint statement to gain comprehensive insights into the collaborative efforts aimed at driving biogas technology advancements. The full details are available via the link provided below.

This collaboration underscores MARCOGAZ’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and underscores the collective determination of industry leaders to move towards a greener, more sustainable future.