Hydrogen Safety

Renewable hydrogen can be a game changer for the energy system. The industry in Europe and beyond is investing on research and innovation to upscale hydrogen uptake and make it the green fuel of the future. As a technical association, MARCOGAZ takes part on the ongoing efforts for the energy transition, while permanently stressing the importance of safety measures for technicians whenever handling hydrogen. While hydrogen is non-toxic, it does ignite very easily, is highly explosible and has a large flammable range. 

In that context, MARCOGAZ published two technical works addressing hydrogen safety: 

In the first publication, “Detection and measuring of pure hydrogen and blends with natural gas”, MARCOGAZ examines the safety properties of natural gas and hydrogen. Since hydrogen and natural gas have different properties, mixtures of these two elements raise specific safety topics related to the existing natural gas infrastructure and end-use equipment for utilizing such mixtures. Hence, MARCOGAZ’s technical work explores hydrogen detection systems such as thermal imaging cameras for micro flames, or a detection tape designed to detect hydrogen gas leaks.  

In the second publication, “Impact of hydrogen on existing ATEX equipment zones”, MARCOGAZ analyses the safety implications of hydrogen mixture with natural gas for ‘Atmosphere Explosible’, referring to the safety obligations enshrined in the European Commission Directives. The report contains an identification and assessment of the risks of explosions while emphasizing the fact that hazard zonings and measures must be indicated to achieve a safe working environment given that the explosion limit and gravity of hydrogen and methane are different. 

Now MARCOGAZ holds its third webinar Tech Forum of 2022 on the topic of “Hydrogen Safety” in order to bring together experts in the field of hydrogen safety, gas infrastructure and health & labour safety, providing the opportunity for stakeholders to exchange technical knowledge on the subject. 

Join our panel of experts on Thursday, 27 October 2022 from 11:00 am to 12:20 pm for a timely and insightful discussion on hydrogen safety.




Time Slot Subject Speaker
11h00 – 11h10 Kick off José Miguel Tudela, Sustainability & Climate Action Director at ENAGAS and Chair of Sustainability Standing Committee at MARCOGAZ
11h10 – 11h20 Welcome and introduction Marek Włodarczyk, Health and Safety and Fire Protection Specialist at Polska Spółka Gazownicza.
PSG Sp. z o.o. (Polish Gas Distribution Group)
11h20 – 11h35 ATEX: Hydrogen compared to Natural Gas Paul Hogewoning, Chair of the Working Group Health and Labour Safety at MARCOGAZ
11h35 – 11h50 Measurement: Hydrogen compared to Natural Gas Henk Top, Senior Specialist Gas Analysis & Testing at DNV New Energy
11h50 – 12h05 Impact of Hydrogen on existing materials Alfons Krom, Material Integrity Specialist at N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
12h05 – 12h15 Q&A session José Miguel Tudela, Sustainability & Climate Action Director at ENAGAS and Chair of Sustainability Standing Committee at MARCOGAZ
12h15 – 12h20 Closing remarks Manuel COXE, MARCOGAZ Secretary General

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Hydrogen Safety