International Gas Research Conference 2024

Experience IGRC2024, the dynamic global conference for innovators, academics, and research organizations. Uncover breakthrough research, leading practices, and transformative insights that fuel innovation within natural gas and gaseous energy industry. 

Innovation is critical to keep natural gas a reliable, affordable, and low-emission source of energy. IGRC2024 is expanding its focus on technical research to include gas clean-tech, technology start-ups, and social innovation – all to showcase global examples of innovation and its positive impact on both the sector and societies.

IGRC2024 offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the Canadian and global gas and energy sectors to connect, collaborate and delve into the critical role of gas and its infrastructure in addressing complex energy challenges worldwide.

The International Gas Research Conference (IGRC) has traditionally focused on technology research in the gas sector. The Canadian Gas Association (CGA), as host of IGRC2024, will continue that tradition, but build on it by expanding the content of the event across all technology readiness levels – from research through to demonstration.  

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International Gas Research Conference 2024