MARCOGAZ General Assembly Elects New President and Vice President

25 June 2024 | Press releases

Hamburg, 25 June 2024. MARCOGAZ General Assembly, held on 17 June 2024 in Hamburg, Germany, has elected Mr. Alexander Schwanzer and Mr. Diego Modolell, respectively, as President and Vice-President. Mr. Schwanzer succeeds Mr. Liam Nolan and Mr. Modolell succeeds Mr. Schwanzer.

The elected President, Mr. Schwanzer, has been Vice President of MARCOGAZ since 2022. He is Head of the Certification Body at the Austrian Association for Gas and Water (OVGW), for products, people and companies in the gas, water and electricity sector, as well as the representative for European Gas Affairs.

MARCOGAZ´s new President, Mr. Schwanzer, stressed, “It is an honour, obligation and responsibility to serve MARCOGAZ for this critical period as President. I will ensure that for the decarbonization of the gas system, our duty, as the gas industry, to reuse our existing infrastructure, the responsibility to remain affordable and the opportunity to develop the energy transition is at the top of the agenda of MARCOGAZ members. Moreover, MARCOGAZ is much more than an organization focused on technical matters, it is a symbol of standing together in the European energy community.”

MARCOGAZ´s new Vice-President, Mr. Modolell, stated, “I am grateful to MARCOGAZ Members for entrusting me with the responsibilities as Vice-President. Over decades we have seen ups and downs in the gas industry but currently we witness one of the most challenging times for the gas supply in Europe. Marcogaz supports the decarbonisation and diversification of Europe’s Energy supply and even in difficult times, we will continue helping the industry on achieving energy supply independence.”

In handing over his duties as President, Mr. Nolan Head of Technical Development and Technical Training at Gas Networks Ireland asserted that “over the last two years, MARCOGAZ’s unwavering commitment to promoting the decarbonisation of the gas industry in Europe has aligned with the 2050 net-zero goals of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal. I am deeply honoured to have served MARCOGAZ as Vice President and President during this transformative period. Together, we have shaped industry standards and fostered crucial collaborations with key stakeholders. I extend my heartfelt thanks to MARCOGAZ Members and the Secretariat for their trust and support during these years.”

In welcoming the elected President and Vice-President, Mr. Manuel Coxe, the Secretary General of MARCOGAZ concluded that “I am fortunate to be working with Mr. Schwanzer and Mr. Modolell, two leaders with clear vision for MARCOGAZ and I am confident that together we will continue building the paths of success for our Members towards net-zero objectives. I am greatly thankful to Mr. Nolan for his guidance, leadership and wisdom, he has been a great President.”

The terms of office for the elected President and Vice President are two years, starting on 18 June 2024 and running until the General Assembly of 2026.

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