Metering technologies for non conventional gases

The integration of unconventional gases into European gas distribution and transmission networks is crucial for the decarbonization of industries and achieving European emission reduction targets. To support this transition, demonstration projects with emerging technologies and industrial projects with mature technologies and partial regulation have been initiated. These projects are tailored to the specific needs of different gas types. In 2022, MARCOGAZ conducted a survey to gather information on measurement systems related to these unconventional gas projects. The survey collected data on project types and measurement technologies, serving as a foundation to identify market needs and other requirements for using these new gases. This questionnaire is intended to be a recurring tool for detecting trends, identifying needs, and fostering new activities among MARCOGAZ experts. The initial summary of responses has identified two main project categories: those focusing on injecting unconventional gases into existing pipelines and those focusing on measuring these gases. The survey data includes details on measurement technologies, energy determination methods, regulatory frameworks, and legislation for each project, with some responses representing multiple projects of the same type.

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