Report on European Gas Safety Gas Distribution (EGAS B)

The text outlines the safety measures and data collection efforts of the gas industry, emphasizing the industry’s strong safety record despite public and media focus on gas-related accidents. In 1995, nine major gas companies and associations began collecting data on gas-related accidents, formalizing this effort through the European Third Party Safety (ETPS) group. In 2005, ETPS joined MARCOGAZ to expand data collection across more European countries and improve safety communication. In 2008, MARCOGAZ split ETPS into two groups for better accuracy: EGAS B for gas distribution and EGAS C for gas installations.

The report summarized covers the EGAS B data from 2017 to 2022, providing statistical analyses from eight countries. This dataset is consistent, although data from up to 14 countries is available but not included for all years. The report includes new key performance indicators added in 2023, such as the average response time to emergency calls and the number of annual third-party interferences or leaks. The conclusions aim to enhance understanding of the statistical findings and the safety performance indicators used in the European gas industry.

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