Energinet becomes a direct member of MARCOGAZ

19 January 2023 | News

Energinet, the Danish TSO that has been involved in MARCOGAZ for a long time, becomes a direct member of the association.

MARCOGAZ is more than delighted to start the year by having Energinet as direct member and welcoming them on board. Energinet is an independent public TSO owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. They own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and gas in Denmark.

Regarding the gas system, Energinet develops the gas system to prepare it for tomorrow’s energy solutions and they are committed to making gas more eco-friendly. A transparent, flexible and secure gas market that includes renewable sources of energy – such as biomethane – plays a central role in achieving Denmark’s national goal of fossil fuel independence by 2050. In the coming years, Energinet will focus on three primary tasks to ensure a 100% green energy system by 2030: infrastructure at a rapid pace, security of supply in a green energy system and energy markets for the future.

Energinet also faces the fact that the offshore Tyra gas field in the North Sea was shut down in September 2019 until winter 2023/2024. During the first 3 years of this period, consumers in Denmark and Sweden primarily got their gas supply from Germany and biogas fed into the gas system combined with gas from the Danish gas storage facilities. From the end of November 2022, the Baltic Pipe was commissioned at full capacity and Norwegian gas is now the primary supply of gas.

Now the Danish TSO will continue to work together with MARCOGAZ and its members on technical aspects in renewable gases such as hydrogen, gas transmission infrastructure, gas quality and labour safety, among others.

MARCOGAZ Membership is open to TSO’s, DSO’s, gas associations and gas research centres. Get to know more about the benefits of becoming a MARCOGAZ member bellow.