MARCOGAZ Annual Report 2022-2023

29 February 2024 | Annual Reports

By providing the industry with science-based insights, MARCOGAZ plays a unique role in the European gas market. The needs of our members guide the work done at MARCOGAZ. The activity is based on the exchange of relevant technical data to support the sustainable growth of the gas industry and European policymaking.

In a nutshell, MARCOGAZ offers its members technical insights on infrastructure, end use and sustainability for natural gas systems and novel gases, such as hydrogen, biomethane and low-carbon gases. MARCOGAZ strengthened it decarbonisation-focused strategy in 2022 and 2023 in accordance with environmental commitments and international agreements, such as the Paris Agreement, the European Union’s climate target goals supported by the European Green Deal, and the most recent Re- PowerEU.

MARCOGAZ is eager to contribute to the solution and encourages collaboration with other organisations that represent the European or global gas sector or manufacturers as they see the potential of renewable gases in the transition to net-zero. In response to the evolving landscape in which there has been an urgent shift towards the integration of the energy system, MARCOGAZ’s work to conduct technical assessments on the adaptation level that gas operators will face as well as on how to ensure resilience for the industry, both Standing Committee New Gases and the Standing Committee Gas Utilisation combined their efforts by operating together.

Regarding sustainability, the safety and integrity of gas systems, and energy efficiency, MARCOGAZ is dedicated to technically supporting, observing and providing advice on issues linked to European regulation, standardisation and certification. As the go-to organisation for the European gas sector for technical evaluation in the midstream and downstream gas systems in the last few decades, MARCOGAZ has contributed distinctive technical insights to support policymaking and technological advancement. We create factual insights that serve as the foundation for reliable standards, laws and regulations across Europe. To ensure the highest gas quality under the toughest safety and environmental standards, we collaborate with authorities and stakeholders.

MARCOGAZ devotes a lot of effort to technological advancements that will enable the integration of the renewable and low-carbon gases into energy systems. In order to cope with increasing greenhouse gas emissions, the reduction of carbon dioxide and methane emissions is essential. Biomethane, biogas, hydrogen and synthetic methane are examples of renewable gases that will aid in the shift to a cleaner energy source. However, the current gas networks and their operators will be impacted by this paradigm shift and the technical work of MARCOGAZ will play a key role to help the industry cope with the energy transition’s objectives.

The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary General and the Team and the Chairs of the Standing Committees and Working Groups thank all the members for the great support provided to successfully achieve the objectives defined for 2022 and 2023.

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