MARCOGAZ presents power-to-gas and energy storage system under system integration at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021

28 October 2021 | News

MARCOGAZ Secretary General Manuel Coxe presented the significant role of power-to-gas technologies and gas storage systems under the system integration at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021 (EUSEW2021) on Thursday, 28 October 2021.

Mr Coxe drew attention to the need for storage systems that ensure the security of energy supply and the stability of the power system while explaining the benefits of system integration through power-to-gas technologies that provide large-scale energy storage.

The presentation illustrated different use cases for the deployment of power-to-gas applications to store energy from renewable:

  1. Use Case 1 – Surplus Electricity Generation
  2. Use Case 2 – Geographical imbalances
  3. Use Case 3 – Increasing Share of RES and Limitations
  4. Use Case 4 – Intermittency of Renewables
  5. Use Case 5 – Electrification and Gaseous Systems for End-Use

Following an elaboration on each use cases that capitalize on the gas storage system in a transforming energy system with higher shares of renewables, Mr Coxe concluded on the advantages of gas storage in the integrated energy system:

  • Well-established gas infrastructure across Europe is available and gas transmission capacity exceeds greatly electricity transmission capacity
  • Power-to-gas enhances energy storage capacity and strengths the ability of the system to deal with the intermittency of renewable energy generation:
    • enhanced system integration
    • decreasing cost of balancing and congestion
    • increased flexibility, resilience
    • reduced need for grid extension
  • Security of energy supply is expanded thanks to storing higher energy density and larger volumes of energy

The EUSEW2021, organised by the European Commission, kicked-off on 25 October 2021 and ran until 29 October 2021 under the theme: Towards 2030: Reshaping the European Energy System.

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