Natural gas odorisation practices in Europe

This document discusses the evolution of odorisation practices in the gas industry, emphasizing the shift from the characteristic odor of manufactured gas to the odorless nature of natural gas, necessitating the implementation of odorisation to enhance safety. MARCOGAZ collects and summarizes data on odorisation practices in Europe, categorizing information on legal regulations, controls, plants, analysis methods, injection points, olfactory levels, and odorant concentrations.

The document reveals variations in national regulations, methodologies for odorisation control, and the types of odorants used across European countries. It also highlights the diversity in the distribution of odorised gas and emphasizes the importance of interoperability network codes. The report provides insights into the different odorising substances, their compositions, and accepted concentration levels. Overall, the document underscores the variability in odorisation practices across countries while maintaining consistent safety standards in Europe. It serves as a resource for operators to exchange knowledge and improve odorisation processes.

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