Cost Estimation of Hydrogen Admission into Existing Natural Gas Infrastructure and End-Use

MARCOGAZ is thrilled to present its 4th Tech Forum, an online webinar that promises to give insightful results on the hydrogen readiness and costs to repurpose and to retrofit the European gas infrastructure.

Event Details:
●      🗓️Thursday, 23 November 2023
●      ⌚11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CEST

This webinar will delve into the MARCOGAZ study entitled ‘Cost Estimation of Hydrogen Admission into Existing Natural Gas Infrastructure and End-Use’. While you await the full report, we invite you to explore two related documents recently made available on our website:
–       MARCOGAZ H2 Infographic 2023 version
–       Methodology document of H2 transformation study

As Europe diligently works toward achieving its 2050 climate neutrality goal, the significance of renewable gases, particularly hydrogen, has never been more evident. Existing gas grids will play a central role in the transport of hydrogen for a wide range of applications including industrial, commercial, and domestic uptakers. Hydrogen’s unique properties, including its high safety record, and, most crucially, its possibility to contribute to climate neutrality when produced from renewable electricity, position it as an important energy carrier within the future of the EU’s energy landscape. This recognition is underscored in both the EU-Hydrogen Strategy and national hydrogen strategies.

Nonetheless, concerns persist in certain sectors about the readiness of the existing gas infrastructure and end use equipment, and the need for transparent adaptation plans for stakeholders.

MARCOGAZ is committed to addressing these concerns by offering clarity on the present state of European existing natural gas infrastructure’s readiness for hydrogen mixtures. Our upcoming report will not only outline necessary mitigation steps for achieving H2-readiness but also present an in-depth cost analysis for the transformation towards hydrogen-ready infrastructure.

Join our panel of experts on Thursday, 23 November 2023 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm for a timely and insightful discussion on cost estimation of hydrogen admission into existing natural gas infrastructure and end-use.




Time SlotSubjectSpeaker
11h00 – 11h10OpeningLiam Nolan,
President of MARCOGAZ
11h10 – 11h40Study: Cost estimation of hydrogen admission in the gas systemGert Muller,
11h40 – 12h00Case: Transmission systems operators decarbonizing the gas gridSteven van Caekenberghe,
Head of Technical Management at Nextgrid, Fluxys
12h00 – 12h20Case: Distribution systems operators decarbonizing the gas gridJose Catela Pequeno,
Head of Special Projects at Floene
12h20 – 12h30Q&A session and closing remarksAnne-Sophie Decaux,
Director at GRTGaz & Chair of Gas Infrastructure in MARCOGAZ

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Cost Estimation of Hydrogen Admission into Existing Natural Gas Infrastructure and End-Use