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MARCOGAZ works towards the prevention of gas-related occupational hazards as part of the industry’s DNA.  The gas industry must ensure an outstanding level of health and safety for its employees but also for the contractors. The Working Group Health & Labour Safety’s focus is crosswise, covering health and labour safety in the mid and downstream sectors on a variety of dimensions such as construction projects, operations and maintenance, purchasing activities, emergency preparedness, etc.

MARCOGAZ monitors and improves the safety and wellbeing of the workers by regularly identifying topics of common interest. The group collects data on accidents, sharing experiences and figures. Technical and organisational solutions are discussed and are frequently identified by the experts as best practices.

The industry seeks to limit the exposure of workers to different substances or dangerous situations, but also to reduce the impact of the industry’s activities on the environment by implementing technical and operational solutions ensuring compliance with regulations.

MARCOGAZ is examining the applicability of existing operational procedures, equipment and safety measures for the acceptance of new gases or if modifications or replacements are requested. MARCOGAZ proposes alternative solutions to guarantee the safety of the workers who are in charge of operating installations delivering new gases, while remaining in compliance with legislation.

MARCOGAZ conducts benchmarking related to health and labour safety — national regulations, company practices — to provide a global picture. In view of modifying perceptions and habits, pushing for constant improvement and progress, MARCOGAZ continuously develops technical guidance for the members based on the outcomes of the benchmarking.


Paul Hogewoning